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Water Heaters

When the water heater unit in your home stops working properly, it can instantly become overwhelming and stressful. Although most water heaters come with instructions to reset, if you are having any difficulty, it is very important not to tinker further with your equipment. It can be quite dangerous and you may cause further damage. Instead, trust the inspection and repair to our professional plumbers at J.C. Enriquez Plumbing. Our company has extensive knowledge and the necessary experience to determine the exact issue and remedy it quickly!

rheem water heater

Water Heaters

Some common signs your water heater is not working properly are:

  • Taking a long time to heat

  • Leaking from the tank

  • Not supplying any hot water

  • Strange noises coming from the tank

sediment build up in water heater

We service all major brands of water heaters, and you can count on our plumbers to give you an honest assessment of your situation without any pushy salesmanship. At J.C. Enriquez Plumbing, we provide you with quick, affordable water heater repair and maintenance. 

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