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Faucets & Sinks

When you have any type of leaky sink or faucet in your home, it is important to know that a plumbing service expert has the knowledge and experience to fix it. It can be tempting to take a wrench and go about repairing it yourself to save time or money, but this can lead to damage which is very expensive to repair. Regardless of the cause of your leak, our team at J.C. Enriquez Plumbing is available any time to inspect, diagnose, and fix the issue. It can be difficult to find a reliable plumber in your area, but our service experts are absolutely professional and trusted.

faucet dripping

The residential plumbing services we can offer you include fixing:

  • Shower leaks

  • Sink leaks

  • Tub leaks

  • Broken faucets

  • Low water pressure​

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Whether you have spotted the exact problem with your plumbing system or you have heard an ongoing dripping sound in the bathroom, we can help to get to the bottom of the issue. We offer no charge visits and never charge for overtime, even in the event of an emergency visit. Our expert team at J.C. Enriquez Pluming is here for you in your time of need. It is our intention to take care of any repairs you need without having to replace your appliances.

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