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Emergency Services:



 Plumbing emergencies can have a disastrous effect on the entire plumbing system of your home and even your belongings. When water is pouring out where it doesn’t belong, it can quickly ruin your floors and furniture as well. In San Antonio, there is no better plumber to call than the experienced technicians at J.C. Enriquez Plumbing! We have been helping home and business owners all over the San Antonio area with their plumbing emergencies for many years and there are several reasons why they continue to count on us for all their plumbing needs. Some of the most important reasons are that we respond quickly, cover a wide variety of emergencies, are well equipped and experienced to handle all different types of emergencies and have a substantial belief in excellent customer service.

Flooded House


Many of our customers hesitate to call because they don’t think that their emergency is important or emergent enough to require immediate attention. We believe that any plumbing problem is important enough to require emergency attention. The first reason for that is because any plumbing issue that you may be having is causing you stress. And it is probably also causing a lapse in your productivity and daily activities. We know that if we can make this better for you, then we want to as soon as we possibly can. The other reason for considering any plumbing problem an emergency is that we have seen over and over again how quickly a minor plumbing problem can turn into a major emergency which can dramatically damage your home. Water can be quite problematic when it is flowing into a place that it should not and can quickly cause irreparable damage to your home’s foundation, furniture and anything that happens to appear in the path. Because of all this, J.C. Enriquez Plumbing considers every plumbing problem to be in the realm of emergency status, for your help and the help of your home.



 Our trained and knowledgeable plumbers have earned a reputation nationwide for providing the highest quality of plumbing services to our customers, as well as our tidiness and consideration for your space. We understand just how stressed out you may be, which is why we will always show up quickly to fix your problem!














We offer a broad range of Emergency Plumbing Services:

  • Fixing clogged drains

  • Broken water supply lines

  • Detecting and repairing gas leaks

  • Fixing leaking faucets or sinks

  • Repairing leaking toilet​

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Broken Plumbing Pipe

          If you are having any plumbing emergency in your residence, you can rest assured that J.C. Enriquez Plumbing is only a phone call away. When you contact us, our trained service experts respond at all hours and never charge for overtime, even on the weekends, holidays, or nights. We always show up on time and leave your property just as clean as it was before the plumbing emergency.

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