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bathroom remodeling

Master & Small Bathroom Remodeling

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Customize Your Dream Bathroom!

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Tired of your gloomy, outdated bathroom? J.C. Enriquez Plumbing and Remodeling can help you create your perfect dream bathroom, making your experience easy and stress-free! Our professionals are trained to ensure your bathroom is installed within a reasonable time frame, and you don’t have to worry about doing anything yourself. Traditional bathroom remodeling is a pain for everyone, so we have developed a system that cuts the costs of these standard procedures and installs your bathroom in half the time you would typically see. A beautiful new bathroom is waiting for you and you don’t have to go through the stresses of working with a typical remodeling company that tries to upsell you on every little bathroom component.

Custom Bathroom Remodels

You have your dream bathroom in mind. Maybe you want quartz floors, a granite bathtub, a rainfall shower and so on. A custom bathroom delivers the perfect design, ensuring you get exactly what you desire. Whether you wanted a romantic double tub, a private spa area, a handicapped accessible bathroom, a breathtaking view of the outdoors, you can get it all.

In the end, you will be happier and more satisfied with the bathroom for a long time to come. Even more importantly, you will get a bathroom that fits your unique needs! 

We offer unlimited amount of colors, trims and tile patterns that every customer has to choose from. Our bathroom designers have over 50 years of experience and will always ensure to make your remodel is easy and stress-free! Your new J.C. Enriquez remodel is guaranteed to last; it will function and look as beautiful decades down the road as it did the day it was installed! 

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Learn more about what we offer for your bathroom renovation:

  • Complete Bathroom Remodel: Full custom bathroom renovation with 10 year warranty guaranteed.

  • Tub to Shower Conversion: Tied of a tub? Let's tear it out, and make it into beautiful shower.  

  • Fixture Upgrades: When you can’t tell the color of your faucet it's time to get a fixture face lift.  

  • Handicap Accessibility: Showering shouldn’t be hard installing handicap bench, grab bars, and curbless entry makes a world of difference.

  • Tub & Shower Combo: Have the best of both worlds with our tub and shower combo.

  • Walk in Showers: Ready to get rid of that ugly tile? Lets build a shower youll love to call yours.

Our Recent Projects

Start designing your dream bathroom for as little as $49/Month! Apply Today!

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