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The Difference Between a Plumber & a Handyman

When you have a leaky pipe, you call a Plumbing Service; that seems pretty straightforward. However, some homeowners phone a local handyman instead. So, should you choose a plumber or a handyman? What’s the difference, if any, between a plumber and handyman? Are they simply different terms to denote the same profession?

The Difference Between a Plumber and Handyman

The main difference is that a plumber is licensed. A practicing license is required in 46 of the 50 states. Washington is among the states requiring licensure. This is why we highly recommend a plumber for issues ranging from installing a sink to repairing a heater. A plumber has completed vocational training and an apprenticeship program.

What about a handyman? The term is a bit looser and usually describes a general contractor versed in various home repairs. Yes, this might include general plumbing issues, but it also involves other services, such as carpet installation, interior painting, etc.

There are no requirements for becoming a handyman.

Why Hire a Plumber Over a Handyman?

In most cases, you can probably save money by calling an independent handyman. We don’t deny the cheaper labor costs. However, plumbers are more reliable for plumbing-specific tasks. After all, they have undergone the schooling and mentorship. While most handymen are highly competent, they are not as well trained in this area of expertise.

If saving money is a primary concern, most plumbers do provide special offers

on select services. By investing in a plumber, you also gain the peace of mind knowing a certified professional is handling your plumbing problem!

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